QDCM is a set of packages for reading, writing and modifying DICOM data. QDCM is based entirely and solely on Qt and uses Qt data types and structures.

Above presented DICOM image comes from http://www.barre.nom.fr/medical/samples/.

The following code snippet gives you an brief idea of QDCM usage:

// Read DICOM file and fetch some tags.
DcmFile file("chest.dcm");
DcmDataset dataset = file.read();
if (file.isError()) {
    qDebug() << "Error reading DICOM file:" << file.errorText();
} else {
    qDebug() << "Patient name:" << dataset["PatientName"].toString();
    qDebug() << "Birth date:" << dataset["PatientBirthDate"].toDate();

QDCM currently does not support compressed DICOM images, however compressed data as it is can be read and written by QDCM.


Since QDCM is still in development, you are invited to check out the fresh source code from the git repository:

git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/qdcm/code qdcm-code

Brief tutorial

  1. Compiling QDCM
  2. Reading DICOM files
  3. Inspecting DICOM data set
  4. Extending DICOM tags dictionary
  5. Constructing DICOM data set
  6. Writing DICOM files
  7. DICOM images

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